Project Challenges:

This home needed enhanced curb appeal. The main issues were that the existing landscaping was old, mature palm trees were obscuring the front door and others were planted too close to the house. The front door was further obscured by half walls. The front walkway was too narrow and the overall look of the front entry was not inviting. Additionally, the yard of this home wrapped around two streets and there was no direct route from where guests parked in the driveway to the front door. Guests were parking in the driveway and using the walkway to the back of the house through the pool area.

Design Phase:

The color elevations depict the changes made by the designers at Eileen G Designs. We suggested removing the Roebellini palms and half wall at the entry, replacing the wooden doors with glass doors and replacing the 3′ concrete walkway with a 6′ paver brick walkway to the community sidewalk. We added decorative columns with lights at the end of the walkway as well and extended the walkway to the street where the mailbox was. To encourage guests to the front door, we added a 3′ brick walkway from the driveway to the entry walkway and then landscaped the entire area with beautiful and inviting plants to entice guests along the path. The walkway was screened from the street view.


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