Small front yards can be challenging to landscape because it is easy to overplant when plant material/trees are small. What you end up looking at within a couple of years are palm tree trunks and plant material that has been hedged beyond recognition in an attempt to keep plants in bounds. Special consideration needs to be given to the eventual size of trees and shrubs that are planted. Palm trees that eventually reach 40′ are not a good idea for a single story house. Better choices would be the Christmas Palm, Bottle or Spindle Palm. Sylvester Palms or other trees that get 25′ wide at maturity are also not a good idea for small front yards (even for two-story houses) because they eventually obstruct the entire fascia of the house. Details matter more when a garden area is small. Well placed accessories and decorative rock create wonderful curb appeal when they aren’t overdone. Remember, less is more!






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