Landscape Design, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Backyard Renovation in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

A renovation can transform a boring backyard space into a more functional, aesthetically appealing oasis of relaxation and entertainment. Backyard renovations vary greatly in design and price so setting a budget before commencing a design is an important part of the process. Selecting a professional designer to assist you in the project will be money well spent because a professional will be able to assist you in determining priorities, making material selections and choosing the right plants for your space.

The space shown in the before photos show limited landscaping and a generic pool without area for sitting in the sun. Additionally, there is no room for a grill and not much for seating guests. The after photos show the deck area expanded behind the pool to allow for chaise lounge seating, an expanded deck with a Cabana, outdoor fireplace, outdoor kitchen and a bar area. Tropical landscaping transforms the space into a relaxing oasis and provides privacy from neighbors.


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